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Art, tech, design and media. We enjoy bringing these together in new and exciting ways and sharing the results. We care about our work and the people we do it for.

Team Experience

Your projects are supported by a core team with experience providing creative solutions to a broad range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, education, publishing, retail, and restaurants.

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Company Overview

Cloud Media Lab is a web agency based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our services include websites, video and animation, email and social media marketing content, and graphic design. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients needs and proactive partners in their growth..

The founding members have been designing and building websites since the 1990s. We take those years of knowledge and combine it with an unquenchable thirst for new technology to produce websites that generate leads and enable our clients brands to build confidence and loyalty with their customers.

The Delaware Valley and Beyond

We live, work and recruit our talent in the Delaware Valley. We do not “offshore” our design or development work. Our local clients support the community, and we take pride in investing their service dollars close to home.

With over a decade of experience building interactive project teams, we know the wealth of design and development talent available in our region. We’re happy to be able to promote that talent base to clients and customers worldwide.

We run virtual meetings with our far-away clients, and we travel to meet clients throughout the Delaware Valley.

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